Remember the old booklets of drawings that you could flip through and suddenly the images would move like a cartoon? A Flying Camera’s Flipbooks is the modern day version of this.

Guests come and take a 7-second video doing whatever they can think of. A Flying Camera’s crew immediately creates a 60-page booklet and as you “flip” through the pages your 7-second video animates in perfect clarity.

The most amazing part of A Flying Camera’s flipbooks – they are created in as little as 90 seconds!! Your guests will stand by and watch this amazing process in disbelief. Yes, we create a 60-page flipbook with your custom cover in about a minute and a half. It’s totally amazing, totally fun, and will be the talk of your party.

How Does A Flying Camera Provide Flipbooks at Events?

Its simple, we setup a backdrop and a table with our equipment. Your guests will find their way over and we walk them through the concept and help them with ideas of what to do during their 7-second video. After your party watches the first group go through, the hype is started and the fun begins.

Here is what we need to create Flipbooks at your event:

10×10 space to setup
access to a standard power outlet
A 6-foot table (with your event linens)

That’s it.

Will Flipbooks be a Hit at My Event?

Flipbooks are a hit at every event. Not only will your guests have a blast performing in front of the camera, but they will take home a keepsake that they will hold onto forever. With each flipbook having your event info, or corporate info on the cover, they will never forget who provided the fun.

During your event you can expect a handful of people lining up by the Flipbooks booth, both to watch and to rehearse their performances. Within an hour, you will see flipbooks being shown off and passed around your event will hysterical laughter. After the event, you will see emails , facebook posts, and youtube videos of your guests prized flipbooks as they show them off. Its hard to imagine that Flipbooks could be so much fun, you just have to try them once to understand.

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