Premium Photobooths

What do you mean “Photobooth?”

You remember…you were a kid at the mall or an arcade…you sat inside the booth, it took a few photos, and then you anxiously awaited while the photos developed. It was fun then, and today’s modern version is even more fun.

A Flying Camera has been custom manufacturing photobooths for almost 10 years. We have mastered the perfect design of real steel, fully enclosed, legitimate photobooths. Specifically designed for speed, ease of use, and most importantly, great photos – A Flying Camera’s photobooths are ideal for your event.

What’s it Like to Have a Photobooth?

We bring in the photobooth to your event, it takes just a small 5 foot area. Although the booth operates very quickly, you can expect at least a small line of people watching the fun happen on the outer LCD screen. Guests will enter the booth and a few photos will be taken. 10 seconds later their photo will drop down the chute! If you opt to have a scrapbook, a duplicate copy of each photo will be printed and placed into a fine leather book by our attendant. Your guests will then have the opportunity to write a quick message next to their photo while they take their copy home with them. Each image will have your info or logo, etc. on it so that they can always remember who provided the fun.
After the event, we provide disks of the images, website, facebook posts, and the like – all to keep the fun going. Your event is sure to be a hit that everyone will remember with images from A Flying Camera Photobooth.

What Comes with a Photobooth Rental?

Disk of images – on CD, send copies out, post on your facebook, and own your memories.

Website – will be provided in the days following your event.

Props – Our trunk of props is the results of hilarious goofing off which we claim as “prop research” Basically, we have gone to every hat, party, and gag store we can find and our lifetime collection comes to every photo booth rental for your enjoyment.

Scrapbook – You will leave your event with a book of duplicated prints and graffiti messages from your guests. Our attendant will help your guests complete this book as they each exit the booth. These books are priceless.

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